Care Ministry

If you have a heart to support those in need of comfort, please contact Pastor Daniel at 919-478-2189 or for more information.

We are a group of individuals that want to support and care for those who have gone through a difficult or traumatic time.

You will be trained with classes at church, or in the community.  The hours attended in training in the area of counseling are recorded for your accountability.  It expresses your desire to support those who are hurting and lets them know your commitment in this area for those you will serve.

Throughout these training sessions, you are encouraged to develop our philosophy of counseling.  You will hear different thoughts and ideas from your teachers and companions.  Take that information and create your philosophy.

We work in teams.  Women counseling women and men counseling men when at all possible.  For example, if the hurting individual is female, then a female will be selected to be a part of their  support team.  Pastor Daniel will involve care team in the needs of others as they come up.

Resources that we use:

  • Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart.
  • Cancer
  • Grieving Booklets that are an aid in conversation and help the hurting walk through the pain.