The Sims Family

The Sims family has been at our church since July 15th, 2017. Prior to coming to Creekside Community Church, Daniel was an Associate Pastor at New Covenant Fellowship (NCF) in Carthage, NC and Michelle is currently the founder and director of Children In The Son, Inc. Daniel and Michelle were also missionaries in the country of Romania together from 2001 until 2008. Michelle began the ministry in 1998. If you would like to learn more, please go to

Daniel has a BS in elementary education with a learning disability minor from Grace College. Michelle has her BS in Psychology from Campbell University and Master of Social Work from the University of South Carolina. After they returned to the United States in 2008, Daniel was in the educational field from 2008 until Pastoring at NCF in September 2014. Michelle continues to counsel and direct the ministry in Romania. Karissa and Elisha were born in 2008. The kids are a tremendous blessing to us. After not being able to conceive for 6 years of marriage, we are truly grateful to have them in our lives. They are a blessing to others. The Lord uses the profound things they say to draw us closer to Him.

A little about Pastor Daniel

The Lord has placed a love in my heart for people and to tell others about His awesome love and desire for them. He has burdened my heart to equip people on how to defend their faith through sound biblical teaching. It is my belief that if a person knows and believes the truths of the scriptures, then they have the tools necessary for a godly life and they will not be shaken by the teachings of the world. It is my hope that I will be able to speak The Lord’s truth into the lives of others so they will be prepared when they leave their home and church.

I am deeply passionate to share Yeshua, the Hebrew name of Jesus, with others through relationships, actions, and words. I believe this is best done by being relational with others. This means being directly involved in the lives of people and caring about them by attending events and spending time with them. I also hope to be able to be involved in local outreach and foreign missions since both are important avenues to demonstrate the love of The Messiah Yeshua to others. It not only opens the door for evangelism, but it also helps develop the heart of a servant.

When someone else has an idea, I like to look at the details from all angles to see how their idea can be implemented. I believe leading through being a strong support person and to help others to be successful. I enjoy watching others be used by God through helping them learn how to use their gifts for The Lord.

Being from Ohio, I am a die-hard Cleveland fan. I am a fan of the Indians, Browns, and Cavs. Oh, yeah I a connoisseur of chocolate. I love good chocolate and chocolate with almonds, and homemade chocolate chip cookies with real butter. I enjoy spending time with my family, singing, and playing the guitar.

We have been so blessed by The Lord and want others to know His love and desire for them. I consider it a privilege to serve The Lord by working with others who have the same heart to share Yeshua in every facet of life.