Youth Group

Creekside Community Youth Vision

How to get connected:

  • Pastor Daniel Sims 919-478-2189
    • *Text – Parents please text me your name and number
  • Download the “Band App”. You will be sent an invitation to join the group.
  • Calendar of Events go to:
  • Adult & Youth leaders meet in January and July to plan out the following 6 months.
  • In 3rd Sunday in August have the parent luncheon after church explaining:
    1. Youth Vision
    2. Upcoming events
    3. Fundraisers
    4. How parents can get involved

*Contact Pastor Daniel if you plan on attending.

Youth groups:

3rd-6th grades (BC Jrs)

7th– 12th grades (BC Sr)

*Graduates can stay until they turn 18, or may stay on as an adult leader in training.

Focus/Purpose: (What we want them to know)

BC Jr – Yahweh’s/God’s love for them and the world.

BC Sr – How to live out your relationship with Yeshua/Jesus and share your faith.


Location: Youth Chapel


  • Sundays Mornings – 9:45am
  • Sundays Nights – 6pm – 8:00pm

Youth Group Order of Worship:

  1. Announcements
  2. Worship
  3. Prayer
  4. Message
  5. Free Time until going home. (Up to 8pm)
  • (TBA) Wednesday Night Life Group – Social Hour 6:15-7pm, then Life Group – 7pm-8pm

Wednesday Life Groups – (Digging deeper together and doing life together with each other)

3rd-6th – girls group

7th-12th girls group

3rd -6th boys group

7th-12th boys group

*The leader will train and give opportunities for the youth in the group to lead in the group.

* Life Groups should grow and birth into more groups over time.  This is to be understood as part of the culture of the Life Group.

Rules and Expectations

Welcoming Everyone to a Comfortable and Safe Environment
  1. Help one another
  2. Be Respectful
    1. Hands off
    2. Listening
    3. Be trustworthy
    4. Use kind words
      1. No using God’s name in vain
      2. No curse
      3. No hateful language
  1. One person in the bathroom at a time
  2. Clean up after yourself
  3. Dress Modestly
    1. 3 finger shoulder strap
    2. No see through
    3. Shorts finger tip
    4. No skin tight clothes
    5. No cleave showing


In youth we want students to use and develop their talents and skills by having opportunities to lead through teaching, worship, as well as, other servant leader responsibilities.  My heart is to grow leaders who are willing to try and see how God wants to use them.


Involve students in leading worship on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

Building toward:

-Using and exposure to use the gifts God has given and nurturing them.

Teaching –

We have a rotation of adult leader that the youth can join in leading.  They can join the rotation and teach along with the adult youth leaders.  These are students that have shown an approved character and desire to grow in their teaching gifting.

How it works:

  1. They send me the message.
  2. I help answer any questions they might have.

*I invite the parents to be involved in preparing the messages and encouraging their child.  So I will encourage them to seek God’s leading and give them a chance to learn through experiences.

  1. They share the message
  2. We get afterwards and talk about the lesson time.

*Prayer team praying during our time together.

Servant Opportunities

Loving others with God’s love and sharing His truth

Mission Trips:

  1. Local Mission opportunities –
  • Cleaning yards
  • Volunteering at Habitat in Pinehurst, food bank
  • Visiting Nursing Homes
  1. Mission Trip away from the church but in the United States
  • Big Creek Missions – Appalachia Mountains of Kentucky (606-653-0513) (90 Bullskin Rd, Bear Branch, KY 41714)
  • Cherokee Indian Ministry
  • Virginia
  • Camp Crossroads Mission Week – Anderson, South Carolina
  1. Mission Trip outside of the US. (Example: Romania, Israel, etc…)

*Requirements to go on the Mission Trip outside of the US students must:

  1. Be committed to the youth group
  2. Go on 3 local ministry opportunities
  3. Go on an out of state ministry opportunity
  4. Attend 75% of all meetings related to the trip
  5. Learn the materials that are provided for the trip


(TBA) Sponsor Child –

Children In The Son – (919-721-3833) PO Box 99063 Raleigh, NC 27624

The youth group supports ______________ who lives in Romania for the ministry that the church supports Children In The Son.  He writes letters to the youth periodically.  The youth group was planning on a trip next year to see him and minister in the country of Romania.



Crossroads Summer Camp (ages 11-18)

Clayton King Ministries

308 Kingsley Rd, Anderson, SC 29621


Anderson College, SC

$300 (Church sponsors $50, youth pay $250.  If a family has additional kids the church will sponsor an additional $25 for the second child, $50 for the third, and $75 for the fourth, etc…

Big Creek Missions (Any Age)

90 Bullskin Rd, Bear Branch

KY, 41714



Big God Concert (December 30-January 1)

Myrtle Beach, SC

$100 (church sponsors $25 towards cost)

The Wild’s Camp (ages 9-13 (4th – 7th) Junior camp / must be 12 by Sept. 1st  (8th -12th) Teen Camp)



Caswell (ages 9-18)

Oak Island, NC

(910) 278-9501


Cabin Retreat – (ages 10-18)

Boone, NC


Cabin – Heather Aldridge – (540-875-8491) – Currently looking for a different location due to the noise in the house.  The floor make too much noise when walking.

How to pay for trips, camps, events, and activities


The purpose of fundraisers is to help lighten the financial burden for parents paying the total amount of the trips and for ownership of the youth going on trips.  The goal during fundraiser is for the youth the take the initiative, participate, and lead in the fundraiser event.  The parents’ role is to aid and help make the event successful by helping promote the events and fill in any roles that might be asked of them.


  • Run For Him Run and Bike – 5K course
  • Hotdog sale at Frank’s Hardware
  • Yard Sale
  • Checker Tournament
  • Car Wash
  • Fish Fry
  • Candy Bar Sales
  • Corn Hole Tournament
  • Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
  • Plate Dinner

Youth Accounts

Money raised from fundraisers are put into the participant’s individual account.  That money will help pay for camps, events, mission trip, and other ministry activities.

Policy for paying for trips, camps, events, and activities:

The goal is for students to have the opportunity to attend activities that the youth group offers.  This is how the church can help.

  1. Discounts for Camps/Events – The youth group account will pay for the deposit to reserve the slot for the camp/event. If the student backs out of the camp or event and the youth staff cannot find a replacement for the slot, then the student is responsible to pay the deposit back to the youth group account.
    1. If there are more than one sibling/parent attending, the second sibling/parent will receive a 25% discount on the cost of the trip, the third sibling/parent 50% discount of the cost of the trip, and the fourth sibling/parent is FREE.
    2. If there is a financial situation that prevents the student from going, please contact Pastor Daniel to see how the youth group account can help lower your cost of the camp/event.
    3. If a student backs out and doesn’t pay the deposit for the slot, may forfeit from participating in future camps/events until the deposit is paid.
  2. Fundraising Opportunities for Individual Youth Saving Account – Students have an individual saving account based on money received from participating in fundraising opportunities. The student may use money from their youth account to pay for camps/events and other activities.