Life Groups

Creekside Life Groups

Where Life Long 
Friends Are Made!

    L…learning, from God’s word, life with Jesus and one another

I…interceding (prayer) to The Lord on behalf of each other

F…fellowship in The Spirit of The Lord

E…exalting The Lord and evangelizing the lost

You Might Have Heard of…

  • Small groups
  • Cell groups
  • Villages
  • Missional groups
  • Home groups
  • Community groups

All are very similar, but have slight variations depending on the church’s focus.


Our Purpose

The purpose of a Life Group is to give you an opportunity to Do Life Together with other believers. We need each other to be encouraged when we are down, carry us when our strength is gone, and celebrate God’s goodness.

Jesus uses each of us to be His hands and feet to others, bringing the truth in love that will only strengthen the hurting.

We encourage you to find a group that you can Do Life with.

Acts 2:42-47

Basic Functions

  • Eat Together
  • Study Together
  • Share Together
  • Pray Together
  • Serve Together
  • Play Together
  • Multiply Together


  • Relationship to Jesus is central for the functions of a LIFE group
  • LIFE group’s success is not based on doing the basic functions but growing into a deeper relationship with God and others
  • Expectations in the group are always known
  • Structure is clear as to what a LIFE group is and how it works