Foundational Beliefs

God (Yahweh): Do I desire a deeper relationship with Him?

  • Faith is defined as accepting The Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua), as Savior being the atonement for my sins, and therefore submitting to Him as Lord of my life.  This begins the relationship that will be a process of growing closer to Him the rest of my life however long that might be.  The desire to need His help is present.
  • An evidence of this relationship will be Him developing in me His character by His Holy Spirit.  As He develops His character of love in me it will be an assurance of my salvation because of the relationship I have with Him.
  • This is what our church will be teaching:  Growing in your relationship with God is most important in life.

Leadership: Am I serving God and others with my life?

  • I believe in servant leadership that disciples others to use their gifts for God.
  • Order of leadership: The Messiah, elders which includes pastor, deacons, and the rest of the body
  • Speak in the power of The Holy Spirit
  • Teach the truth

Work in team:  Are we seeking God together?

  • God casts the direction or vision for our church body.
  • Listening to God together for direction and decision.
  • As the pastor I do take overall responsibility for the how we make decisions.
  • This is to say that I don’t want to be the only one making decisions on how the church should function and where it should go.
  • We would seek His face together to see His direction.  There would be times that I might need to make a decision that needs to be made, but my heart behind it is to hear what God is speaking to us as a whole.

Church Service:  Is God the focus?

  • Come to hear from God not man
  • To worship God
  • Learn about God’s love and His character
  • Not for entertainment
  • Submit to His Lordship
  • See evidence of His presence

The Body: Am I developing relationships NATURALLY?

  • Doing life together is very important (Life Groups)
  • Developing deep relationships
  • In every ministry leaders developing leaders – Team concept – It is important that every leader is developing/training someone to be able to do their role.  If they are not there, someone will be able to fill in that role. Or if we grow as a church and need to have leaders developing to fill the new responsibilities from the growth of the church.